13th Annual Christmas Hope Campaign

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This year marks the thirteenth consecutive year of Christmas Hope. Five agencies; Lethbridge Food Bank, Interfaith Food Bank, Lethbridge Family Services Angel Tree, My City Care Shop of Wonders and Salvation Army have committed to jointly serving our community this Christmas.

To make the most of resources and reduce duplication of services, our five agencies have planned and prepared to serve 2000 adults and 4000 children over the 2019 Holiday Season.

In Christmas of 2018, a total of 1473 households were provided with food hampers complete with Christmas fixings, and more than 3600 children received toy bundles so they might have something special under the tree on Christmas morning. Thanks to the support of the community, 2160 adults and 3665 children (5825 individuals) through the Christmas Hope initiative.

Streamlining registration procedures allowed the collection of agencies to increase the quality of support provided to local families, while also limiting duplication of services, thus maximizing the resources generated from our community. This was particularly helpful for toy distribution agencies, as families received gifts for children from only one agency this year.

Christmas Hope agencies would like to express our gratitude to the community for assisting us in ensuring that everyone has a chance to have a Merry Christmas.

Agency Contact Information:

Maral Kiani Tari, Lethbridge Food Bank
[email protected]

Danielle McIntyre, Interfaith Food Bank
[email protected]

Lynn Hornberger, Salvation Army
[email protected]

Michelle Galluci, Lethbridge Family Service Angel Tree
[email protected]

Carol Smith, My City Care Shop of Wonders
[email protected]